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Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor Lighting

types of outdoor lighting

If you’ve been wondering what types of outdoor lighting fixtures are out there today, then you’ve come to the right place.

Your knowledge of the available choices for outdoor lighting is the second most critical part of choosing the right fixture.

Of course its pointless to know of every type of fixture available on the market today if you don’t know how to use them. Let’s look at what options you have when shopping for outdoor lighting and we’ll separate them into easy to understand categories.


Uplighting & Downlighting, Your Two Main Choices


Although it may sound pretty simplistic there are two main categories of outdoor lighting.

Uplighting, where the fixture is positioned down below while shining it’s beam spread upward. Downlighting, where the fixture is positioned up above and shining it’s beam spread downward.

Either way, these types of outdoor lighting fixtures are each unique in their lighting ability and can give you an abundance of choices to choose from.




Stake Lights

Detail page for 12v Plug & Play Spotlight Detail page for 12v Plug & Play Spotlight Detail page for 12V Ground Spike Spot Light

Let’s look at what uplighting options you have and how to use them from the ground up. The flexibility you have in choosing a mounting location for these fixtures makes them a great choice when selecting from outdoor landscape lighting options.

Stake lights allow you to stick them into the ground and you’re good to go. Its always a good idea to give the wires leading up to each stake light some extra slack in case you need to move your fixtures as your landscape changes.


Recessed ground lighting

Detail page for 240V Drive Over Inground UplighterDetail page for Plug & Play  Orientation Uplighter Detail page for Square Inground Uplighter

Installing uplighting in a high traffic area requires more thought since you’ll need to think about human behavior, traffic movement, lighting glare, and fixture placement.

A good option is outdoor recessed lighting. These can be positioned just about anywhere and they’ll never become a tripping hazard.

Drainage for is very important to maximize the life span of these types of outdoor lighting fixtures. Proper drainage will prevent these recessed lights from shorting out.

The lamp housed inside these fixtures should be tilted away from people’s eyes since it’s light output could cause major glare for people walking by.


Ground Mounted HID Lamps

Detail page for Slimline HQI Floodlight

HID lamps or lights used for commercial outdoor lighting applications requires that special care be taken to ensure you get the most out of them.

Often these lights are housed in a relatively large fixture used to control the lamps light output. Since the housing is pretty large in comparison to low voltage lighting, keeping them out of the way in a very busy area may become a challenge.

It’s also important to consider how bright these lights can be therefore potentially causing major glare. Planning ahead of time is critical to getting the best results from your ground mounted HID lamps.



Outdoor Wall Mounted Lighting

Detail page for LED Recessed Brick Light - 36 LEDs

Outdoor Wall Mounted Lighting is a convenient method of downlighting that can be mounted on just about any wall type. Wall mounted lighting styles vary based on the architectural style you want to compliment.

Some of these wall mounted lights provide a secondary benefit. For example, up and down wall sconces wash your walls with light spreading and exposing the ceiling above and ground below them.


Outdoor Flood Lighting

Detail page for Slimline HQI Floodlight Detail page for Twin 75w Halogen Spotlight c/w 140 deg. Adjustable PIR Detail page for 24w Low Energy Floodlight

Outdoor flood lighting helps you spread light over a relatively large space without the need for planning an intricate outdoor lighting design.

While flood lighting is excellent at spreading light over a large area, its weakness lies in providing very concentrated or precise outdoor lighting.

For example, flood lighting wouldn’t do well for outdoor kitchen lighting because its broad beam spread casts annoying shadows making it hard to perform detailed tasks outdoors.

It also spreads light onto everything around it, eliminating the option for you to focus people’s attention to specific details of your landscape’s design through strategically placed lighting fixtures.


Outdoor Path Lighting

Detail page for MILANO Pedestal Lantern with Acrylic Leaded Style Diffuser Panels Detail page for ARCTURUS Globe and Pedestal *25 Year Guarantee Detail page for BERGAMO Stone Effect Illuminated Pedestal / Bollard

Focusing attention to outdoor path lighting lets people know exactly where you want them to go. Path lighting gives people a feeling of confidence when walking.

People like the idea that they can actually see the surface below their feet and don’t have to worry about a tripping hazard.

Subconsciously people tend to feel more comfortable approaching an outdoor space when they feel like they’re guided.


Outdoor Tree Lighting

Detail page for Impact Resistant Low Energy Floodlight Detail page for LED Garden Floodlight Detail page for 24w Low Energy Floodlight

Displaying your landscape can be much more interesting with moon lighting. Moon lighting imitates the moon’s lumination on your landscape and is often achieved through outdoor tree lighting.

These types of outdoor lighting fixtures are positioned within your tree’s canopy, spreading light down below.

What makes this method of outdoor lighting unique is that the tree’s branches and canopy will interfere with your lights beam spread, resulting in a very natural shadow effect that mimic’s the moons subtle glow.


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Electrical Periodic Test & Inspections

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Information on Periodic Test & Inspections

All electrical installations deteriorate due to a number of factors, i.e. damage, wear and tear, corrosion,  excessive electrical loading, ageing and environmental influences. Legislation requires that electrical installations are maintained in a safe condition and therefore must be periodically inspected and tested.  Also, licensing authorities, public bodies, insurance companies, mortgage lenders and others may  require Periodic Inspection and Testing of electrical installations additionally, Periodic Inspection and Testing should be considered to assess compliance with BS 7671 (IEE Wiring Regulations), on a change of occupancy of the premises, on a change of use of the premises, after alterations or additions to the original installation, because of significant change in the electrical loading of the installation or where there is reason to believe that damage may have been caused to the installation.

About the Periodic Inspection

A series of well defined visual checks are carried out on the electrical installation followed by several different electrical measurements including continuity of circuit protective conductors, main and supplementary earth bonding, Continuity of ring final circuit conductors, Insulation resistance, Polarity, Earth-fault Loop Impedance, RCD tests including trip time in milliseconds, correct operation of switches and isolators, Prospective Fault Current.

In general the inspection should reveal:

1. Any aspects of the installation that may impair safety of persons or livestock against the effect of electric shock and burns

2. That there are no defects that could give rise to heat and fire and hence damage property

3. That the installation is not damaged or deteriorated so as to impair safety

4. That defects or non-compliance with the Regulations that may give rise to danger are identified.

Standard domestic Periodic Inspection Reports normally require up to 4 hours on-site. The client will be provided with test documentation and certification within 48 hours to allow the test data to be entered into our database.

If you would like to book a Periodic Test & Inspection, Domestic or Commercial, contact Robert Swain Electrical Services Ltd using the Website Contact Page or Tel: 01425 279885

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